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I belong to an excellent list serv called the "Tech Lady Mafia. You never see an action hero with boy in his.

Hein, who went to Oberlin with Lena Dunham, says she was equally perplexed by her former classmate using the diminutive term Girls for her successful TV show, and troubled that a series of dinners for women in technology in the Bay area was entitled, "Girl Geek Dinners. My own take on the use of "girl" and "boy": If you're not talking about a child or ladies are you up for love interest, these terms are best avoided.

Hein is far from the only person thinking about the language people should be using to describe women and the terms laddy boy are using to self-describe.

Ann Friedman had a terrific piece in the New Republic on the reclamation of the term "lady.

If your head hurts every time you have to think about how to generically refer to a person based on the presence or absence of the Y chromosome, you're in luck.

For those ladies are you up for immersed in the study of gender semantics, Hein has created a handy guide for which term to use.

Padies, um, folks:.

Who's Afraid Of Post-Feminism? If you have story ideas or tips, e-mail me at kh Kashmir Hill Former Staff.

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Kashmir Hill. Read More.